With 20 years of experience, GTG is a full-service GIS shop that focuses on the needs of telecommunication companies and local government organizations. Our Vision360 team is versed in infrastructure management, data analytics, data management, data conversion, data creation, and data integration, in addition to training and best practice recommendations.

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IT-GIS Strategic Assessments

With GTG’s full IT/GIS team, we have the knowledge and experience to develop Strategic Plans for a wide range of clients, from beginners to those with a mature IT/GIS.

Data Conversion Services

From training you on how to convert your own data, to converting your infrastructure into our gold-standard FMS geodatabase, we can provide a variety of conversion services.

Data Creation Services

With GTG’s full GIS team, we have the ability to collect data in the field and create supporting GIS data layers.

Data Mining Services

To allow for graphical spatial analysis, GTG staff reach into multiple disparate systems, grabbing the file data and geo-referencing the information.

GIS FMS and Analytics Training

GTG’s telecommunications specialists offer initial training with product set up as well as ongoing staff training options.

Data Management

GTG staff provide consulting services on how to best manage your data servers and setting up infrastructure with our Best Business Practices.

Drone Services

The newest technology in aerial photography. We offer drone services for the creation of aerial data layers.