From small municipalities to large county organizations, we have a scaled, cost-effective solution that allows you to manage and maintain your fiber network.

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Vison360 Fiber Management System

Vision360 FMS simplifies management of municipal fiber networks by consolidating fiber system design, asset inventory deployment, strand assignments, and connectivity into a single easy to use wizard driven application. By creating a centralized management system, Vision FMS enables ease of access and shareability of network infrastructure when needed. Vision FMS also allows municipalities interested in leasing portion of their unused infrastructure to easily track such utilization.

Service Location Management

  • Track and Manage Critical Infrastructure Connectivity – Police, Fire, Utilities, Etc
  • Managment of service termination points
  • Configure attributes to track installation dates and contractors

Network Infrastructure Management

  • View, Design, and Maintain network infrastructure
  • Manage connection information – splices, device port connections, CWDM and DWDM utilization
  • Material Cost Estimation

Device Inventory Management

  • Tracking Asset Deployment by Inventory Item Number, Install Date, Installed By, Last Inspection, Equipment Manufactured Date
  • Service Connectivity Tracing

FMS Productivity Toolbox

  • Create, edit, and manage fiber records and infrastructure
  • Custom tailored settings and configuration
  • Naming scheme creates unique IDs
  • Utilize the cost tool for preliminary design and cost estimates
  • Manage CWDM/DWDM connections
  • View splice reporting

Strand Circuit Management

  • Manage strand capacity and availability
  • Upstream/downstream circuit tracing
  • OTDR plotting (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer)

ArcGIS Functions

  • Data Driven Pages for Creating Stake Sheets/Engineering Drawing
  • Easily Share OSP data throughout organization
  • Automatically Glean Information from Supporting GIS Data Sources to Prepopulate Infrastructure Attribute


Vision FMS was designed and built to empower local government municipalities to design, manage, and monitor their Fiber Network by providing a comprehensive yet user friendly tool set. This makes it easy to create and disseminate information to support day-to-day operations throughout the entire organization.


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