A solution that will allow you to plan, design, manage, and maintain your fiber network, by taking care of your day-to-day fiber business operations.

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Vison360 Fiber Management System

The power of Vision360 is its fully integrated management of OSP plant design, strand management and document management. Vision360 strives to eliminate pre-existing disparate databases and syncronization issues. The integrated Vision FMS solution stores detailed network components and service location information data into a single, real-time repository. With Vision FMS, once the fiber network is engineered and constructed, services may be sold, activated, billed, managed, and monitored by simply activating other software modules within the Vision360 suite.

Service Location Management

  • FTTX – Fiber to the Home, Business, or other Premise
  • Store and track demographic information for FCC and RUS Reporting, Marketing Initiatives, and ROI Analysis
  • Service Termination Device Management
  • Document Association – SLA Agreements, Installation Diagrams, Easement Documentation, etc

Outside Plant Maintenance

  • View, Design, and Maintain network infrastructure
  • Manage connection information – splices, device port connections, CWDM and DWDM utilization
  • Material Cost Estimation

Prospect Tracking

  • Record and store details about prospective customer locations
  • Monitor locations passed and locations actively or previously serviced
  • Configure attributes to track what’s important

Device Inventory Management

  • Tracking Asset Deployment by Inventory Item Number, Install Date, Installed By, Last Inspection, Equipment Manufactured Date
  • Service Connectivity Tracing

FMS Productivity Toolbox

  • Create, edit, and manage fiber records and infrastructure
  • Custom tailored settings and configuration
  • Naming scheme creates unique IDs
  • Utilize the cost tool for preliminary design and cost estimates
  • Manage CWDM/DWDM connections
  • View splice reporting

Strand Circuit Management

  • Manage strand capacity and availability
  • Upstream/downstream circuit tracing
  • OTDR plotting (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer)

ArcGIS Functions

  • Data Driven Pages for Creating Stake Sheets/Engineering Drawing
  • Easily Share OSP data throughout organization
  • Automatically Glean Information from Supporting GIS Data Sources to Prepopulate Infrastructure Attribute


At its core, Vision FMS provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing, constructing, and maintaining a passive optical network. In support of these functions, it also includes service address management, work orders, device inventory and prospect tracking. Because of this, Vision FMS makes it easy and convenient to transition to a fully integrated architecture where Billing, Provisioning and Network Engineering all work together using a common dataset.


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