Vision Analytics is reinventing how telecommunication organizations monitor, manage and react to events and situations within their organization. Creating a comprehensive view by bringing together disparate business systems into a Geographic Business Intelligence model, allowing for better business decisions.

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Instant Real-Time Info on a Smart Map

By plotting live data on a smart map, accurate and timely information is delivered from the field to the command center for state-of-the-art management.

Sales and Service Delivery

  • Map and evaluate current revenue by geography
  • Track and evaluate patterns of service consumption
  • Track and report on quota utilization and installation intervals

Network Infrastructure

Field personnel, sales teams, and management can all take advantage of the connectivity, by monitoring the status of the network to knowing when and where infrastructure and potential customers are located.

Geographic Business Intelligence

Vision Analytics is the only solution that integrates real-time subscriber data, plant management records, fiber and network element information, workforce management, and other disparate systems into one enterprise-wide, easy-to-use, customizable analytics platform.

Market Analysis and Planning

  • Locate customer connections and disconnection to identify churn rates
  • Map Average Revenue per User and correlate with demographics
  • Evaluate effectiveness of marketing campaigns by evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs)

Customer Care, Service Assurance, and Workforce Management

  • Map and monitor real-time work order status to speed issue resolution and accelerate service delivery
  • Map, monitor and analyze repeat ONT alarms, non-responding set-top boxes, etc. and automate reports
  • View service tech profiles, on-truck inventories, crew assignments, current locations, and availability

ArcGIS Network Planning and Management

  • Depict homes passed, businesses passed and number of customers
  • Manage usage and track location of fixed assets
  • Show and forecast planned maintenance, updates or service interruptions


The cross-functionality of Vision Analytics benefits engineering, network management, sales and marketing, customer service and executive management teams
by providing comprehensive network and customer intelligence through a graphical interface that can be proactively monitored and managed to maximize revenue,
reduce operating expenses, and create the optimal end-user experience.


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